Price Cap Budget Plan

Price Cap Budget Plan

With Downside Protection

Budget Plans with Downside Protection

Plan Pros:

  • Spread cost over 10 months instead of concentrated during the cold months
  • Lock in a great low rate before the start of the season
  • Ability to purchase Downside Protection* with plan

Plan Cons:

  • You should know your seasonal oil consumption at the start of the season
  • Requires 3/4 tank full at the start of the program

Whether you’re hosting guests over the holidays or on a fixed income, no one likes receiving large bills suddenly—especially over the holidays.  Our flexible payment options provide you with peace of mind, knowing you’ll have the heating oil you need when you need it, and your payments will not rise throughout the season.  Make consistently low, monthly payments for ten months out of the year to cover the 4-5 months of intense cold without worry of a sudden spike in energy bills.

We Offer Downside Protection!*

Fox Fuel is proud to offer downside protection to its customers, which means is regardless of how great of a rate you locked with your budget plan at the start of the season, if the market price of oil dips below your pre-negotiated rate, you will save the difference!

Enrollment Fee: $11.99/month per delivery location

*- Downside Protection requires an enrollment fee which may be paid up front or combined interest-free into your monthly budget plan.  

**Plan is no longer available for registration. Contact us for more information**

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