Heating Oil Delivery to Elkins Park, PA

Heating Oil Delivery to Elkins Park, PA

Elkins Park, PA stands out as a beautiful and affordable Orthodox Jewish community nestled just outside Philadelphia, PA.  Elkins Park residents enjoy the quiet, walkable neighborhoods with the entertainment and features of a big city within a 20 minute train ride or half-hour drive.  Boasting this big city accessibility, the job opportunities for Elkins Park residents abound, and surrounded by excellent health care options, Elkins Park is also an excellent option for retirees.

Elkins Park, PA Heating Oil & Burner Service

Residents choose Elkins Park for both the community and beautiful yet affordable homes.  Many of these older homes are heated through the winter by clean burning heating oil.  Fox Fuel is proud to supply heating oil, burner repair/maintenance, and heating oil tank repairs/maintenance to residents of Ambler.

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