Prepay Plan

Prepay Plans Are No Longer Available

Budget Plans with Downside Protection

Plan Pros:

  • Best rate we offer in August
  • Buy up front, no additional bills unless you require more oil than you requested
  • Worry-free oil delivery throughout the winter months
  • Does NOT require 3/4 tank full to begin
  • No credit approval required

Plan Cons:

  • Billing is up-front, rather than spread throughout the year
  • No downside protection — the price is determined at the initial purchase

Philadelphia and the surrounding region is known for having cold winters, and it’s not uncommon to experience high energy bills during winter and early spring months.  With many homes dependent on heating oil for warmth in the winter, it’s common to see market price of oil rise as demand increases.  Want to avoid over-paying for oil this winter?  Choose our heating oil prepay plan for the best guaranteed rate of the season!

Estimate the number of gallons you’ll require for the season and we’ll lock you in at the best rate available in August, and pay up front and you’ll enjoy worry-free oil delivery all season long with a locked rate for as many gallons as you pre-purchased.  Begin your order today!

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