Capped Pricing

Capped Pricing Plan for Heating Oil

The last thing you need around the holidays is the sticker shock of a high heating bill. That’s why Fox offers plans to help keep your bills under control when the temperature drops. Fox Fuel is pleased to present our options for the coming heating season. Various plans for your review are below.

Whether you are a new customer or have been with us for a long time, take a moment to review our Price Protection Plans and choose the one that’s right for you.

In these days of fluctuating energy prices, questions about Price Protection come up quite frequently. We’ve got several options to meet your individual needs.

Beat unpredictable oil prices!
Keep your heating oil rates as low as possible with price protection from Fox Fuel.

Queastions about the Price Cap Enrollment Fee? Find out why here.

Enrollment Fee Explanation

Everyone deserves ultimate comfort at home. Call us today at (215) 659-1616 or visit us at It’s the smart way to manage your energy costs.

Customers who choose to cap their price have “downside protection,” meaning should our posted price be lower at the time of delivery receive you receive the lower price.

A special capped price is available for a limited time at the start of each heating season. Lock in that price, and if our posted price is lower at the time of delivery, you are guaranteed the lower price. All it takes is a simple enrollment fee that may be included in your monthly payment plan or paid up front.

You purchase your seasonal supply (or a portion of it) with a two-part guarantee regarding the price. First, your price will not exceed the “cap price” that we agree upon when you enroll, regardless of how high prices go during the heating season. Secondly, if our daily price of oil is lower than the cap price for any given delivery, you will pay the daily price instead of the cap price for that delivery.

This is like an insurance program for your heating oil fuel price. There is an enrollment fee for this program but you will be assured that your fuel prices will not go higher than a set price and you will receive the lower price if fuel prices drop.

Our Unique Price Programs Protect You in Two Ways:

    Protect your heating fuel costs with a capped price (maximum price per gallon).
    If our retail price falls below your established cap, you’ll pay less.

You can now roll your cap into a budget plan!

For even greater peace of mind combine your Capped Plan with a monthly payment plan. This combination is one of the best and most efficient ways to manage your home heat budget.

Heating Oil Price Cap Program for Pennsylvania

By choosing a price protection program with Fox Fuel, you insure that the price you pay for the energy products you use to heat your home will never increase for the duration of your contract.

This plan provides an opportunity to protect you against unexpected increases or decreases in heating oil prices. By choosing the Price Cap Plan, you will know in advance the highest price you will pay for your heating oil. If market prices fall below the cap rate, you will always pay the lower price!

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