Tank Services

Oil Tank Release Repair and Maintenance

If You’ve Ever Worried About an Oil Tank Release…
ProGuard is coverage for your oil tank that protects you against the problems associated with a release. It gives you the peace of mind you deserve when you heat with oil – the safe, economical, and efficient source of warmth. And it assures that any problems will be handled in a way that protects the environment as well. Even though research shows that tank releases are extremely rare, should a leakage occur, affordable ProGuard tank protection is now available to Fox Fuel Automatic Delivery customers.

“What Kind of Protection Do I Receive?”
Once the ProGuard program takes effect, your Certificate provides:

• Up to $100,000 for cleanup costs resulting from a tank release, with only a $1,000 deductible for underground tanks and a $500 deductible for aboveground tanks.

• Up to $1,500 to repair or replace your oil tank with an aboveground tank.

• Up to $1,500 to repair or replace your oil tank with an underground tank.

• The ability to transfer the agreement to anyone buying your home, so they can feel secure as well.

“Who is Eligible?”
Residential customers with an active oil tank that holds no more than 4,000 gallons, and who receives oil on automatic delivery. Abandoned tanks are not eligible.

“How Are Cleanups Handled?”
If your tank has had a covered release, just call us up. We will swiftly mobilize an expert team of licensed professionals to manage the cleanup process. The program is designed to reduce your worry and headaches, so your problems can be resolved with the least disruption to your home and family.

“How Can You Offer Such a Comprehensive Program at Such Affordable Rates?”
ProGuard is the next generation of tank replacement/cleanup programs. It has been perfected over several years, drawing on the experience of more than 100,000 oil customers who have been in such programs. Because it is offered on a national basis to a large pool of participating heating oil customers, we can provide you with this protection at very reasonable rates.

“How Do I Take the Step For Peace of Mind?”
After you read the Certificate, just complete the application we’ve enclosed and send it back to us with your check. A tank test is required for underground storage tanks in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and may be required in other states as the program becomes available in those states. Please respond today, so you can stop worrying as soon as possible.

The Certificate is good for one year and will automatically renew, subject to the terms and conditions of the certificate. Please refer to the certificate for specific language. And by all means, call us if you have any questions at all.

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